A Simple Approach to Beauty

Today’s life forces us to look young and fresh for as long as possible so it’s no wonder the chase for everlasting youth affects our everyday lives. The trend to stay young is absolutely natural, and definitely not only a matter of vanity. If you look good, you feel more self-confident and therefore appear more positive in the eyes of others. The desire for beauty has been around for thousands of years. To look young and feel better is just about everyone’s desire.

Research by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) from February 2006 shows that 55% of women and 52% of men would agree to have their appearance improved by plastic surgery. While plastic surgery used to be the only way to remain young, nowadays it is not the only possibility. Modern society brings a faster life style, and with it, other approaches to beauty, more comfortable ones and the same effective solutions. Are you bothered by your first wrinkles? By your tired and drooping skin? Is your skin not as firm and elastic as it used to be? If so, you are a good candidate for injectable implants.

Injectable implants or injectable fillers have become a more common and popular method in the fight against aging. Thanks to their easy application and quick effect they have an irreplaceable place in aesthetic surgery and their popularity contains to increase. Unlike plastic surgery procedures, these methods are noninvasive, which means they are not surgery and thus do not require hospitalization. From 1997 to 2005 the number of these procedures performed jumped about 726 % according to the ASAPS. The application of botulinum toxin is now the most desired noninvasive method. Injection implants, such as botulinum toxinrestylaneradiasse and so on, can be used for everything from wrinkle removal, improving facial contours, removal of a double chin, scar smoothing, correction of under-eye circles, lip augmentation as well as helping to stop excessive sweating. Their biggest advantage is that the patient doesn’t have to undergo a recovery process for several weeks, which is common with plastic surgery procedures. The injectable fillers are performed by professionally trained surgeons. It is a relatively simple procedure with good results and is suitable even for relatively young patients. Naturally, there are cases when noninvasive methods cannot help anymore and more radical procedures must be performed in the form of a face lift and so on. In most cases, they present an effective solution in the fight against aging symptoms. A specialized consultation always precedes these procedures, in which the surgeon learns the client’s wishes, evaluates the state of their skin, performs a general anamnesis and selects the suitable product and its amount.

The application of the substance is then usually very simple and non time-consuming. The treatment with injectable fillers often does not need to be done under local anaesthesia. For the maximum comfort of a client it is possible to use anaesthetic cream.

The active agent, which is selected by the surgeon and the client, is precisely inserted through thin needles into the skin, under the skin or into the muscle, always according to the type of implant. A big advantage is that the patient, almost immediately after the treatment, gets back to their normal life. It is not unusual that a woman has botulinum toxin (Dysport) applied during the day and then returns to work, without anyone noticing anything. Sometimes it is necessary to follow certain safety measures (e.g. patient cannot lie down for several hours after the application of botulinum toxin, not even to bend over and a cosmetic massage is prohibited for approximately 14 days). You will be informed about these in advance. The treated place is soothed with bags of ice after the application. Sometimes small swellings, a small bruise or redness may appear. These symptoms usually disappear the next day. Initial results can be seen within a few days and the final effect is visible within two weeks at the latest. Contraindications are minimal, only with the exception of pregnancy. The reason for this is that these tests have never been made on pregnant women, not because they are somehow harmful to your health. All these substances are first specially tested for several years and go through many controls before they even get to the market. The amount for this usage is minimal and therefore they are not dangerous. Moreover their effect is only temporary, with the exception of silicone oil, and the look will fade away in a year. The client can then decide if he/she wants to continue with skin rejuvenation. A tiny filling inserted into the right place can make you look a few years younger and significantly raise your self-confidence. The face after a suitable application is soft with round shapes, the skin is lifted, sharp edges and tired hollowed cheeks are gone, although their character remains. Injectable implants present a simple and very effective solution to the approach of beauty.

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