Injection Infusion

Injection implants can assist with a host of personal cosmetic woes. Wrinkles can be erased, lips can become fuller, scars can disappear. Injectable fillers can also cure excessive sweating problems. Injection implants are a modern, reliable and safe method of assisting with many minor cosmetic issues. We’ve put together a handy chart to provide you with more information on injection fillers abroad, the types of implants that exist and what results each treatment can offer..More information about injectable fillers abroad can be found here. If you wish to consult with an injectable implant doctor Prague, check our list of experienced surgeons. Want to see what injectable fillers did for other people? View our before and after injectable implant photos.

Beautical®  • correction of turned-down corners of the mouth • increasing the volume in sagging temples • improvement in the appearance of the lower eyelid area • increasing the volume of the cheek bones and cheeks • smoothing of nasolabial folds • improvement in the contour of the jaws and chin Temporary (2–4 years) About 30 minutes
BIO-ALCAMID® • plumping up the face • plumping up the cheek bones • reduction of deep nasolabial furrows • reduction of turned-down corners of the mouth • correction of the contours of the face • enlargement of a small or receding chin Permanent About 15 – 30 minutes
BOTOX® / DYSPORT® • axillae • palms • foot soles • face, forehead Temporary (8 – 12 months, and longer) Maximum of 60 minutes
BOTOX® / DYSPORT® • reduction of laugh wrinkles • relaxation of frown wrinkles • reduction of fan wrinkles • relaxation of an unwanted facial expression (e.g. turned-down corners of the mouth) • treatment of hyperhidrosis–excessive sweating (axillae, palms, soles and face) Temporary (3 – 9 months) Maximum of 10
PMS/SILICON OIL • improving the contour of the lips • fuller lips • smoothing of the vertical lip folds • reduction of nasolabial folds • reduction of deep frown wrinkles Permanent About 10 to 15 minutes
RADIESSE • increasing face volume • increasing cheekbone volume • reduction of deep nasolabial folds • reduction of turned-down corners of mouth • correction of jaw outline • correction of nose shape • enlargement of small or receding chin Temporary (1-2 years) Approximately 30 minutes
RESTYLANE® • reduction of wrinkles • improvement of the contours of the lips and the vertical lip furrows • fuller lips • reduction of turned-down corners of the mouth • reduction of scars Temporary (6 – 12 months) About 30 minutes
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